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    Quote Originally Posted by EDGEFLY View Post

    Sorry to have offended you by suggesting a concept 75 years old is perhaps still useful. There are some answers to your questions but since you are obviously not interested, I won't bother you with them. I don't recall having said that McDowells are "a great solution", "were more or at least as effective" as alternative starter systems, "that there is immediate market parts support availabile" nor that they are specifically preferable to any other approach. They are a part of Vintage aircraft history and I am satisfied that my own experience has been "fine". I do hope your malaise is lessening and that modern medicine leads to a complete recovery.

    For others viewing this thread, let us proceed in a civil manner.

    My question was legitimate and civil, and if you'll re-read it, I think you'll see that it is a very straight forward question - not internet bait or flame war material.

    I have enough A-65's to build a B-17 replica and almost enough Aeronca carcasses to go with them. I would love a decent starter on any of them, but there aren't any viable options.

    So the question remains, why did the McDowell starters fall out of favor and why haven't they been supported in decades?

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    The Fournier RF-4 had a similar set-up. My understanding is that they required a lot of tweaking to keep working, but did work well when in adjustment. Maybe the McDowell was just not a big enough leap forward from hand propping, and needed too much fiddling to keep it working at all?

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    Looking at the McDowell drawing it appears there are a lot of moving parts or at least parts subject to wear, cable stretch, etc. I suspect that the need for routine and regular maintenance was the reason the McD's were removed. Remember this was the time when a lot of planes had to be hand propped for starting. I know Bill Pancake has one on his Champ and he said it 'works great'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by L16 Pilot View Post
    I've been searching for McDowell parts for my Super Chief project for a couple of years and checked out every old time airport in the area with no luck. I did find someone who had a complete (new??) in a box but the price was $3000 which is too rich for my blood. One person said they had the hub put couldn't find it. After looking at his hangar I could see why he couldn't locate it.
    Did you ever end up finding a mcdowell starter? I'm looking for one for my aeronca chief.

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    No telling, as he hasn't logged back in since 2020.

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