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Thread: NWOC schedule

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    NWOC schedule

    The National Warbird Operator Conference is going to be in Dallas Feb. 20-23 with a tour of the Cavanaugh Flight Museum at Addison one night.
    Good luck with the website if you try to register. You can't do it by phone, that is too simple for them, it must be online, I have tried twice to get through the male bovine excrement, with no luck yet. I think they got the same firm that designed the Obamacare website to design this one. Maybe it is a secret plot by the First Abolish Aviation Dept to stamp us out.

    By the way if any of you do go, and take the airlines in, it will be closer to the hotel to fly into Love Field which is actually in Dallas, rather than the DFW airport which is half way to Ft. Worth. Southwest flies into Love Field, and maybe American.
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    Well, I got registered with a little help.
    Dallas is a fun place to visit, for those who like it; lot's of great Bar B Q and Mexican food, as well as my favorite which is seafood.
    I will probably go to see the Texas School Book Depoisitry which is now a museum, have never been there. I was coming out of a freshman class on that dark day 50 years ago and heard the news on the radio. There are some good people in Texas, and some of the other kind also.
    I was born not far from Love Field and lived there until I was 5 when my Dad was transferred. Once there was some type of plane crash near the airport and my Dad and/or Brother came home with a large propeller blade, probably off something like a DC-4.

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    Thank you for the NWOC plug ... For those that don't know, the National Warbird Operator Conference (NWOC) takes place in 20+ days in Dallas. The agenda and most of the information is live at the website,, and later today we'll be posting more news about warbird rides in the B-24 Liberator, as well as Skyraider, T-6 and Sioux (helicopter) rides.

    Friday (Jan 31) is the last day for guaranteed hotel rooms and the lower rate. After that, the hotel can no longer guarantee availability and the NWOC rate rises to $450/person. We're at 90% so there's still room. Please sign up now before prices go up!

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    Just got an email from the NWOC that today is the last day to register and get the discount hotel and event price.
    I urge anyone who likes warbirds to do so and go have a good time. There is even a chance to buy rides at the excellent Cavanaugh Flight Museum.
    You don't have to be a warbird owner or a pilot or A&P or any of that, it's open to anyone.

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    NWOC 2014 closed it doors last Sunday on yet another successful conference. Well over 200 private individuals, museum owners, maintenance personnel, aircraft owners, insurance companies, the FAA and one congressman attended, and except for Marriott's liquor inventory, no major damage was reported. For those that missed the show, most of the presentations have been posted and are available for download at

    One of our crew members captured all three days of NWOC 2014 activity and compiled it into an entertaining 2:47 minute video. And if that's not enough, another participant recorded the FiFi tour. Both videos can be accessed from

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    The NWOC 2015 location decision hasn't been made yet although a site survey is underway. After four of the last five NWOCs took place in the West and Midwest, it's a fair bet that NWOC 2015 will be in the East, and for weather reasons probably in the Southeast. Want to be the first to know? Sign up for the NWOC eNewsletter at

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