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Thread: Piper Colt landing light

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    Piper Colt landing light

    I am recovering the wings on my tail dragger Piper Colt and want to elininate the landing lights. I only use the airplane for day VFR. I have a new leading edge skin from Univar that will replace the exisitng one but is long enough to cover the area where the light was. I will also need 1 nose rib. Is it legal to do this? I do not know if my Colt had factory landing lights or if they were added at some point, but I have seen several Colts without landing lights. Thank you.

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    As an A&PIA that has rebuilt/repaired my share of Colts I will suggest... (your supervising IA is the final on this as he/she is the one that is going to sign your 337's for recovering and return the aircraft to service) that removing the optional lights (print and read the TCDS for the PA22 as it applies to your airplane, go to and put TCDS in the search window, the TC number for the PA22 series is 1A6. This will also tell you how to alter your wt and bal if you do it mathematically.. -4# at sta. +5"...). simply requires a logbook/maint record entry signed by the A&P going on or coming off the airplane and a wt and bal change. replace the nose ribs with an approved Piper rib splice and a good section of nose rib. Replace the PK screws as appropriate and recover the wing. I would also consider leaving good wires in the wing (capped off in case someone later hooks them up to see what happens..LOL...) so that a future owner might put a landing light back in... Were it my airplane I would leave the lights in. With the advent of the very low drain LEDs that light might improve visability of the airplane in air traffic and someone, someday may want to fly at night. I do NOT think taking the Nav lights off is an option... I believe they were part of the certificated airplane! it would require an FAA field approval to remove those... email me if I can help

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