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Thread: Propeller handling with Electronic Ignition

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    Propeller handling with Electronic Ignition

    In the topic regarding the parking position of wood propellers the mention of turning the prop backwards in the interest of safety came up. This worked with impulse coupling mags but now there is a threat to safety as long as aviators believe turning backwards is safe.

    The Electronic Ignitions will fire in either rotation. I'm not familiar with all of them but of those I am, they will fire in either direction of rotation. Also the notion that if the master is off the ignition is off is False. If it is wired as in the Lightspeed manual the ignition circuit is not run through the primary buss. The ignition is wired directly from the battery to a pair of circuit breakers and on to the system components. This is done so the engine will continue to run in the event there is some sort of emergency that requires the master be shut off. An option on this system is a backup battery that will power one of the ignitions in the event of a primary battery failure. The secondary battery is often mounted in another location and disconnecting the primary battery would not make the ignition safe unless the breakers for both of the ignitions were pulled.

    These systems work well, but they present a new element of danger in propeller handling. Like most any thing else that is not part of the "Old School Common Knowledge" an awareness of their workings should be brought forth.

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    Of course, the basic rule of propeller safety is to assume, always, that it is "hot", so that any movement could potentially cause the engine to start or at least kick over. Whether electronic or magneto, that's always a possibility. I'm always bothered by the macho pictures of pilots, showing them draped around the propeller as if to look "cool". If you have to be near the prop, such as to attach a towbar, you must be aware of the danger and do what you can to minimize it--like not move the prop while you're in a bad position to move back out of its arc.

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    I have one pmag and one LSE-i! My inspector hates that. Says ya have to have one mag! Pmag has internal alternator plus battery. LSE-i has battery & back up battery will light to tell me charge on back up battery.

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    Says ya have to have one mag!
    That is almost funny. Mags are so unreliable compared to more recent technology that you HAVE to have 2 in order to be safe! Without having actual data handy, I would almost (key word being "almost" ) state that I would rather have a single, battery backed electronic ignition than 2 mags.

    Having 2 electronic ignitions would be FAR better than one mag...but that is just my $0.02.
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