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Thread: Duane Cole Clipwing Taylorcraft Plans- free

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    Duane Cole Clipwing Taylorcraft Plans- free

    After years of trying, we finally got approval to share the famous Duane Cole Clipwing Taylorcraft plan set. These plans were used to build one of the most famous airshow aircraft of all time. Duane was a hero to many. His ability to squeeze every ounce of performance out of his little Tcart was amazing. After his death it became apparent that we lost one of aviations greatest.
    We were able to get a complete set of plans and get the ok to make these available. We will never charge for these plans. Our goal is to make these available to anyone that wants them because that is how Duane would have wanted it. They are available free for download on our website at: Just open the Clipwing Taylorcraft Plans tab.

    Please pass them along!

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    Thank you, Eric!

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    You are very welcome. I have really enjoyed flying my clipwing Tcraft- it is such a great flying airplane. . . . . anything to get more out there!

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