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Thread: Building a Fokker D VII

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    Went to Military Aviation museum Friday and got my upper spar/cabane brackets from Canada. Bomber ideas.


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    Welp, finally got the stainless firewall in, had to trim 1/4" off the side. It would have fit the space but there was no way to have gotten it in. Now back out to work on some engine clamps.
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    So, not much else going on since I got an injury. Gonna take a while to heal since I tore my hand open down to the tendon. UGH. Here are the upper spar brackets for the D VII I got from John. Beautiful, and there were the last set. I will have to clean up the edges a bit and primer them but they are in a ziplock in my office till then. Score. The lower spar brackets are 90 degree bends which I should be able to handle pretty easily, (already have a working bending fixture that I proofed already) hoping to get back on them once I heal up.
    I do owe John lunch when I see him because of a payment snafu. He was very patient while he waited. Thank you again John.
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    Myself... Since it's aircraft... I would have rounded the edges before Bending it with the Brake.
    Since it wasn't... I'd look very close for any micro cracks from the bend.
    Especially the over 90 bends...
    Just my too sense....02

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    I'm working on my Buttercup with a Popsicle stick taped to my finger...
    You'll figure out something to do on the plane... Good time to dig in the books or order parts.

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    IIRC, these are all mild steel, so the chances of cracks are small.

    Hope both y'all are fully repaired soon so you can get back to serious work!
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    Any crack at all can Travel...

    On a larger scale , I've broke 5/8 steel... Even though I prepped the edges...
    When I bent it... It snapped so loud I thought the machine broke.
    I only mentioned it in this case because: aircraft and over 90 bend
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    Finally got all the engine clamps cleaned up, primed and slipped on the engine bearer tube. Now onward to close up the engine compartmentName:  Fok engine clamps mounted.jpg
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