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    I am a AirCreation GTE 912UL Clipper owner and sport pilot. I want to install a transponder in my weight shift trike. Is there someone or somewhere I can get some information about purchasing one? I am hoping to get one that is small,dependable,basic and easy to use. My airspace endorsement should be in my log book at the begining on November, Thanks

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    If you want a small, reliable and low power drain Transponder then the best on the market at the moment is the TRIG. Take a look at:
    Several factors fit your need. It has integrated Encoder. It is Mode S but Mode A & C compliant and can be mounted with remote Controller in your small Panel with Set stowed more conveniently under seat or other area. Price not all bad either. Others to consider are Filser (Funkwerk) or Becker.

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