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Thread: EAA needs your vote!

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    EAA needs your vote!

    Your support will help EAA win $25,000 for its education programs.

    Hot off the presses from my pals in PR, just across the room...

    The Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region is distributing endowments and grants to 25 area nonprofit organizations as part of its “25 for 25 Charity Challenge.” Five nonprofit organizations with the most votes between Sunday, October 16, and Tuesday, October 25, will win a $25,000 endowment.

    Here’s how you can help: VOTE FOR EAA DAILY at this link:
    Yep, it’s that easy. Visit the voting website, enter a valid e-mail address, verify it’s you, and choose EAA as the organization to receive your vote.

    Your votes will go a long way toward securing the $25,000 endowment or one of the $2,500 grants available that will directly support education programming at the EAA AirVenture Museum.

    Spread the word and share this with friends! Vote for EAA daily and make a positive impact on our community outreach efforts.

    Thanks for your support!

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    Thumbs Down No, it most certainly does not.

    EAA does not need your vote. It will be a shameful loss to the Fox Valley community if EAA receives a penny from this program.

    The 25 for 25 challenge is intended to benefit community programs. What would EAA do for the community if it received this grant? EAA has a distinct absence in its community - the community it depends on to run its major fundraiser, AirVenture.

    There are several worthwhile charitable organizations in the running for this grant. You shouldn't be voting if you are not part of Wisconsin's Fox River Valley community. And if you are part of our community, I encourage you to choose a charitable organization that does something to improve life here. From nature to literacy to domestic abuse shelters, there are several worthwhile programs to choose.

    $25,000... what is that to EAA? 250 weekly wristbands? That is nothing to them. To other programs, it is enough to save lives. Literally. Think before you click.


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    Everyone has their own opinion...

    For me... I JUST VOTED in favor again!

    From the voting website:
    Using this (your) emailaddress, you can vote once each day for one organization from October 16-25, 2011 ("each day" is midnight to midnight Central time).

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    Done!!!...I have voted every day.

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    I'm glad to see EAA is now saying the money will be used for "community outreach" rather than "education programs". That money should be spent on efforts within the community, through programs like Christmas in the air, and Wings on Strings.

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    What's new?

    Does anybody know, which of these attractions have been "expanded"? From the email sent out by the museum:

    Thanks to a $2,500 grant through the Community Foundation of the Fox Valley, expanded attractions await those who attend and participate!

    • Experience the thrill of flying in the Wright Flyer and Hot Seat simulators
    • Parachute an egg safely to the ground in the "Houston, We May Have an Omelet" egg drop challenge
    • Build your own specially designed paper airplane and enter it in contests featuring the new, improved paper airplane launcher
    • Explore the museum in the Stamp Scavenger Hunt
    • Watch kid-friendly movies in the Skyscape Theater
    • Watch radio-controlled flying and model-making demonstrations
    • Assemble and fly a free glider
    • Enjoy activities and exhibits in the KidVenture Gallery

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    I like airplanes as much as the next guy, and I like the EAA/VAA and stuff.

    That said, what is "community outreach" exactly? This seems as if it was for the area just surrounding Oshkosh - but what were the competing organizations? Were there other organizations that were focused on help for the disabled, or health care, or education as defined by REALLY helping education like literacy or math programs, or something "serious" (and yes, I believe airplanes are "un-serious" when compared to basic human needs that charities usually are formed to help)?

    I just saw this thread, and it seems as if EAA was able to access the tens of thousands on this site from places far, far away from OSH to help skew the results. That would seem incredibly distasteful to me if there were struggling non-profits dealing with "real" issues in that area that needed the money far worse. "Community outreach" is a little vague to ask thousands of people to skew a vote for to grab an amount less than Socata probably paid for their TBM advertorial.

    Sorry for the soapbox - I spend an inordinate amount of my non-professional hours working and serving a couple of health-based non-profits at the Board level. I'm all for EAA being successful, and I'm all for EAA even selling advertorials if that is the leaderships desire - but I would caution others before voting "numerous times" out of sheer "I love airplanes and EAA!" to think a little deeper about what you are potentially doing and at the least demand a detailed outline of how those funds will be spent, what impact you are trying to have on the community (as in defined, measurable goals), and why that is important to the community and the long-range impact. After doing that, THEN ask for my vote and I will consider it with some amount of respect. Asking for my vote because we can do "community outreach" and the PR department says so...that's somewhat insulting. The fact that the "PR department across the hall" sent this is kind of laughable as many of the competing charities probably are working on a budget significantly less than the EAA's PR department. If an organization is large enough to even have a PR department then $25k is pretty small potato's in the scheme of things while many non-profits would be significantly impacted.

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