As we begin 2015 and a new round of Judges Schools, I would like to recognize the volunteers below who have completed their Judges School and then passed the Regional Judge written exam. Two individuals have also applied their previous practical experience to qualify for, take, and pass the Oral Practical Exam to become the first new Regional Judges of 2015.

Thanks to all of these volunteers who are donating their time and enthusiasm to IAC and aerobatic contests. I hope that there will be many newly certified IAC Regional Judges this season.

I will post updates.

Wes Liu
Chair, IAC Judges Program

David Williams IAC 432366 new Regional Judge
Brian Branscomb IAC 434600 new Regional Judge

Ian Campbell
Layne Lisser
Christopher Combs
Josh Horwich
Rimas Viselga
James Rex
Mark King
Charles Steiger
Bill Witzig
Shane Bangerter
Stanley Peters
James Morse
Jodi Rueger
Peter Gelinas
Samuel Roland
Timo Bartholdi
Casey Meeks
Jonathan Davis
Faith Drewry
Hans Miesler
Christian Baxter
Wendy Bergerud
Philip Joseph
Patti Shen
Winston Wright
David McIntosh