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Thread: Vulcan to Oshkosh?

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    Vulcan to Oshkosh?

    Maybe if we all chipped in (our life savings & some?) to help with the fuel

    It would be worth going home just to see it fly. According to the article, it only has 2 display seasons left in it due to the fatigue life of the aircraft.

    Vulcan – by Royal appointment

    In 2012 the world’s last flying Avro Vulcan bomber will be making a special tour of the UK, celebrating both its and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – in a ‘Salute to Her Majesty’.
    The first prototype Vulcan VX770. (RAeS/NAL).

    First flown almost 60 years ago in 1952, the same year as Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne, the iconic Vulcan still draws the crowds at airshows and elicits emotions of awe and wonder from both young and old at this British engineering marvel which, like Concorde, still looks perpetually like it belongs in the future.

    Since 2007 the last flying example of this mighty bomber which helped keep the peace in the Cold War and flew in anger in the Falklands has been operated by the privately funded Vulcan to the Sky Trust which relies on generous donations from the public to keep it airworthy. The battle to return XH558 to flying status, secure funding and prove the naysayers wrong has been something of a soap opera – but Trust say that it exemplifies the British ‘Bulldog Spirit’ of stubbornness and a refusal to give in.

    At a press conference on 5 October in London, the Trust announced plans to take the Vulcan to the people of the UK, with a nationwide flying programme in2012, entitled ‘Salute to Her Majesty’ which will see the aircraft appear in the skies over Great Britain next year at various events, in a tribute to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Next year will also be highly significant in two extra ways for the Vulcan, as it is the 30th Anniversary of the Falklands War and the unveiling of the RAF Bomber Command memorial in London.

    Though there are no plans to commit it to a starring role during the Olympics, Vulcan to the Sky Trust CEO Dr Robert Pleming says it is his hope to fly it over all four capital cities of the UK, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. A safety case is also being presented to the CAA for a potential flypast over London and Buckingham Palace.

    Coming to the skies of Britain in 2012.

    As part of the ‘Salute to Her Majesty’, during the tour the Vulcan will carry a book of Good Wishes from the public, with every name and message added (with a donation) helping to support this national historic aircraft. At the end of the Salute this book of congratulations will be presented to Her Majesty. The Trust also is keen to point out that as well as individuals, corporate sponsors can also help support this very high-profile and public display schedule.

    The Vulcan already enjoys Royal connections with the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Prince Michael of Kent all taken to the controls at some point. The Salute has already got a Royal blessing from Prince Michael who said: “The imagination and ambition of this project is considerable. The Diamond Jubilee is a wonderful celebration for the nation and for Her Majesty. Watching the Vulcan fly stirs the blood. I defy anyone who has seen her fly not to be moved. For me, this is a spectacular and very British way to add excitement to a great British event.”

    With the 2012 Olympics, 30th Falkland’s anniversary, Bomber Command memorial, Farnborough Airshow and the twin Diamond Jubilee’s of Monarch and Vulcan - it will be a historic and noteworthy year for XH558.

    The Vulcan to the Sky Trust has created its own 'Great' postcard in the style of the UK's current business and tourism campaign. (VTST).

    So beyond this – what future for this iconic aircraft? The Trust admit that the aircraft may only have two display seasons left, even if funding was no problem, because of the fatigue life of the aircraft. However, the Trust have plans to turn its current home, Hangar 3 at Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport (formerly RAF Finningley) into a visitor centre, education and outreach facility and a ’ world leading centre for the restoration and operation of historic jet aircraft’. As the Trust notes, the Vulcan is not only helping to inspire young people in studying STEM subjects but it is also a living history exhibit from a nuclear Armageddon that did not happen – the Cold War. Though it first flew in 1952, was retired from front-line service in 1984, the Vulcan continues to serve her country and her Queen.

    For more details visit

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    This would be beyond spectacular. The Vulcan display was always one of my favorite parts of the Abbotsford, BC airshow we attended every year in the late '70s and early '80s. I remember always being amazed at how big it was, and how tantalizingly close the pilots came to rolling it over at one point during the displays.

    I didn't know until years later that one of the prototypes was rolled during a display at Farnborough:

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    Incredible. What I wouldn't give to see that airplane fly with my own eyes...
    Chad Jensen
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    Vulcan Roll

    There was an RAF Detachment at Offutt AFB in the 70's/80's. They brought Vulcans over to fly our Low Level Bombing routes during the Cold War. When the detachment closed in the early 80's the Vulcan flew its normal demonstration flight during the base open house. As they departed the base area afterwards, the pilot did a slow roll as they climbed out for the last time. It was incredible to see that monster airplane roll. Rolling the aircraft had been forbidden after a crash in Chicago several years previously during an air show. I guess the pilot felt that since this was his last goodbye, he'd thrill the crowd and he did. I'd certainly like to see the the Vulcan visit AirVenture before being grounded for good.

    Don Shipman
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    Would be great.

    I remember seeing one crash in Glenview, IL. Big ball of fire.... sad day it was.

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    It is a very impressive airplane to see flying, but they currently don't have enough funding to commence the winter maintenance work, so the start of it's 2012 flying season might be delayed - or not happen at all. Mind you, they're always scratching around for funding and have managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat in the past. But having said that, as a permit airplane it is limited to daytime VFR only so getting it to KOSH would be quite a challenge!Andy

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    I have sat on a vulcan flight deck...amazing timeless airframe design but expensive to keep flying.

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    I saw the Glenview crash as well. A tragedy.

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