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Thread: Luscombe Cowling grills

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    Luscombe Cowling grills

    I own a Sivaire 8A and am having a problem in locating the grills for the front of the cowling. I wonder if anyone might know where these may be obtained?


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    Mike, I saw a couple of classified ads on Barnstormers last week that someone was disposing of many Luscombe parts. Type "Luscombe" in the search block. I used to have an 8A.

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    Luscombe parts

    George Ramin, in Houston, TX, has every Luscombe part you could ever wish for. And he knows just about everything Luscombe related, having owned many examples.

    George owns the Luscombe Sky Pal that was Grand Champion Classic at Oshkosh in the early 80s, and the beautiful Luscombe Sedan that formerly belonged to Kent Blankenburg. The Luscombe Phantom that was in the EAA Museum for years was his, too.

    His collection of Luscombe parts includes at least a dozen 8-series wrecks and restorations-in-progress, and he loves to talk about these airplanes. His phone number is (281) 658-5465.

    Good luck!

    Ken Dwight

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    Have you tried the folks at

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