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    Taylor titch

    Hi folks,
    I've just joined here. I'm from the uk. I did some lessons around ten years ago aiming towards a private pilots licence, before being made redundant stopped that. We have a lovely little local field, and I took my eight year old son up there for a walk last weekend. He got to sit in a tiger moth, which he loved. Then we spotted some wreckage in the hedge, and discovered it was a Taylor Titch waiting to be burnt. It's had a heavy roll, and has been written off. Anyway, we've been given it, so I'd love to rebuild it as a project with my son.
    I'd love a set of plans, any build pictures, links to websites and would love to chat to any owners.
    thanks in advance, ed

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    I've always admired the lines of the Taylor Titch, it's just a cute little plane. There have been some very nice ones built over the years, mostly in the late 60's and 70's. The best one I saw was Jim Miller's at Oshkosh. It was the white with green trim one and I remember a cover photo and an article in Sport Aviation, I think it was one of the '74 issues. I think the article I have linked here is the one in Sport Aviation.

    I'm not sure if plans are sold any more, your best bet is to Google it and look for web sites and information, and then go from there.
    Here's a web site with more info,

    Good luck,

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    The plans are available from Terry Taylor, son of the designer John Taylor.

    Go to for the details.

    You will need to do the restoration under the auspices of the Light Aircraft Association, supervised by a LAA inspector, who will keep you on the right track.

    The LAA organise aircraft woodwork courses from time to time, given by experts like Dudley Pattison and well worth attending.

    The LAA is also the best place to make contact with other Titch owners in the UK.

    I used to have a Taylor Mono. Not as fast as the titch, but great fun on a VW engine burning 2 gallons an hour.
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