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    The CriCri

    searched for this model here under CriCri and cricket, no joy. Any knowledge out there?

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    The type has been designed by a french wonder engineer Michel COLOMBAN, who was making a living in Aerospatiale in Toulouse (now became AIRBUS).
    The type name is the MC10 cricri
    It made a big spash in Oskosh about 13 year ago when a flying patrol of two demonstrated their ability of performing formation aerobatics, including "miror" figures (one aircraft inverted, the other one below it in normal flight) One of the two pilots was Claud LELAIE, who later became chief test pilot of Airbus and did the first flight of the monster A380. He brought back a cricri tio Oshkosh in 2009 in the belly of the A380 to display the biggest and the smallest multiengined aircraft together.
    More about the aircraft at
    If you want to build one, you can find a few used ones on the french market, either complete or partially finished. Not too expensive (in the 20 to 30000 euros) because it is a rather complex aircraft to manufacture and requires a good craftmanship.
    If you want some help in looking ofr a used cricri in France, let me know. I may spend some time helping you. Being french, I'll be better interfacing with the vendors.

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    Unfortunately, Mr. Colomban does not sell the plans for the Cri Cri (or any of his other brilliant aircraft designs) in the USA market, due to our uniquely American product liability issues. What a shame and a loss for American homebuilders.
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    The local club near Sherbrooke, Quebec found that CRiCri plans were no longer available but wanted something similar for club aerobatics. The 12 students got some very professional advice and designed, built and flew Epervier, whic means Peregrin. It is now in the Natioanl Museum in Ottawa. This is a true foam core composite. Spars are carbon Fiber, Resin is epoxy. At Ultimate load the wings were loaded to 14G+ and 9g-. It took may breath away. The students all got engineering jobs and left it behind. Gto the site for University of Sherbrooke and search for Epervier. We are the adjacent Chapter and paid the fuel bill for 10 hours of test flying. This was 2009, Epervier on the Competition for the best Engineering Project by university students in the Country. Alas the plans are not available. Bill

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