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Thread: Walk Around the Lake with Me

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    Walk Around the Lake with Me

    If you're a walker and want a challenge, I invite you to walk around the lake with me during EAA AirVenture! I'll be at Camp Scholler all week, and will take one day--maybe Tuesday--and walk a 75-mile route around Lake Winnebago.

    Have a look at my website and click on the "Walk around the Lake" button up top. A route is published there courtesy of, and the rough plan is to leave the Camp Scholler area around 4 am, walk at 4 mph for 12 hours, then take a three-hour break, then continue at 4 mph for six more hours and that should about do it, putting us back at Camp Scholler around 1 am on Wednesday.

    The route goes through Fond du Lac, Brothertown, Harrison, Appleton, and Winnbago, then through Oshkosh proper to Camp Scholler.

    If desired, I would be open to doing it as an overnight, perhaps camping at High Cliff State Park. This would mean missing more of AirVenture, but would be a more relaxed walk and avoid walking at night.

    Thanks!...Wayne B.

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    That is an adventure.

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    by the forth day its hard for me to get up and walk from the tent to the closest portapotty
    I'll pass this year---but you guys have fun !!!!

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