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Thread: Building a Volmer VJ-22 in Guatemala

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    Building a Volmer VJ-22 in Guatemala

    Greetings: I have started building the 1957 classic amphibian Volmer VJ-22 in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Wing framing is done and 12 of the station frames. I am up in Southern Florida for a week and would like to talk to anyone (and see their project) who has or is building a similar wooden plane. This is my first airplane, but I am a wooden boat builder by trade. I have a car and will drive anywhere within reason of Fort Lauderdale. I have brought along the blueprints and I especially need help deciphering some of details such as the ailerons. Thanks, Casey Brooks

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    Wikipedia says this plane uses a wing from an existing design. I'm curious how many other home built planes are designed to use wings from existing, certified aircraft. Seems like a great idea to me.

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    The Volmer uses Aeronca Champ wings. My set of plans , from 1972, includes the wing drawings. The wing ribs are drawn full size so one can glue the blueprint to a sheet of plywood and use finish nails to align (jig) the individual pieces. Raptor plastic nails and Titebond III glue are a good way to go.

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    The FAA has changed the rules on using certificated parts on an experimental aircraft. Before that was acceptable. Now, not so much. Check with an FAA contact before assuming you can cut those corners in the United States. Of course what they do in Guatemala is none of the FAA's business.
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    The homebuilt wings were included in the plans before the FAA got antsy about using certificated parts. The reason was because of the ever growing shortage of Aeronca Champ/Chief wings.

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