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Thread: When you think "Oshkosh"...

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    When you think "Oshkosh"...

    When you think "Oshkosh", (or for those of you who've been around a while, when you think "Rockford" or even "Milwaukee"), what aircraft come(s) to mind?

    Is there one aircraft or type that stands out as an icon? A field full of RVs, the P-51s and friends in the Mustang Corral, Cessna 195s camping together, powered parachutes flying over the farm in the evenings...?

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    I think of the incredible variety, from the Wright Flyer to the C5 (and the huge Russian C5-knockoff) which, I guess, speaks to the inclusiveness of EAA.

    In a way it's more the people than the airplanes. My fondest memory is touring the warbirds with a guy who really knew them and taught me so much about them.

    My favorite picture is my first experiment with a movie from a new digital point-and-shoot, of a powered parachute just after the ultralight field opened in the morning.

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    The Bell 47 flying overhead all day since I have been attending for 27 years. Never tire of seeing it, but I am biased!
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    Not any particular aircraft, but sounds. My favourite are round sounds (radials), although Merlins come a close second. I particularly like the sound of Harvards (T-6) on take off with the bark of the propeller as it rolls past.

    Can't wait for Oshkosh....
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    Restored Sikorsky S-39 and replica S-38's especially the Johnson & Johnson one because of the colours. And just about any antique in the vintage area(the 1919 DH-4 mail plane was a thrill and talking to it's pilot/restorer).

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    I don't think it is any one type of plane. What I enjoy is seeing the stuff there that you can't find at any other airshow. Walking along the homebuilt section each year to see what is new or different that made it to the show is what the show is about for me. I can go see Mustangs, a C5, or an RV at any other number of places each year. What I can't go see are the one-off creations that people have dreamed of and built.

    The show itself is mostly about the people though. Camping at Scholler with friends, going to the Sonex party the first night to meet other builders, or just talking ariplanes and flying with a random stranger while waiting in line somewhere is what keeps me coming back.


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    For longevity/icon status, only one airplane comes to mind for me, Hal...the Ford Tri-Motor. I still (somewhere) have the ticket I got to ride in N414H at the 1962 fly-in, in Rockford. I doubt there's been a year since without at least one present and giving rides.

    As long as we're back there...highlights of that particular (and first for me) fly-in...La Chuparosa (Ray Hegy's super-small bipe), and the original Red Devils (someone help me here....Bob Heuer, maybe Marion Cole, and Gene Soucy's dad? It's a long time since 8th grade!!) in their Stearmans . The Red Devils nee Eagles teams obviously rank toward the top in longevity/iconicism (made that one up) also.

    Others of special significance thru the years....Paul's P-64 opening the airshow every day, Carl Unger's Breezy giving rides for forever, and as Glenn mentioned above the Bell 47 constantly overhead.

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    I go to Oshkosh mostly to see the one of a kind prototypes. These " homemade" firsts, if from an individual, are allowed a certain amount of utilitarian crudeness that should be expected for a first of its kind.

    The Ford Tri- Motor has that classic crudeness, I like to appreciate.
    There is no shortage of polished perfect sameness on display.

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    What aircraft comes to mind? Mine, floating towards the yellow dot on 36L, touching down and followed by the tower saying, "Welcome to Oshkosh!"

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    The first P-51 takeoff of the morning causing everyone to rubberneck! The Ford Tri-Motor and the Breezy flying all day. God, I can't wait!!!!

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