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Thread: Seeking West Coast A&P

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    Seeking West Coast A&P

    Folks, I just lost the FBO I've been working with the last 3 years. I'm looking for an FBO that at the very least knows the E-Series Continental, and ideally also has experience with the T-6/T-28 so the Ryan/North American L-17 Navion stuff isn't all that weird to them. I'm also looking at some restoration work, so hopefully a "one stop shop" for a NATA-centric FBO would be great! Responses here or via email, please. THANKS!

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    Youi might give Taigh Ramey in Stockton a call. Although his is a Beech 18 and Lockheed Harpoon specialist, I wouldn't be suprized at what else he takes care of. His contact infor is at

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    Contact my friend Kurt Young kygrip )at{ aol . First class guy, Veteran, and a long time NAvion owner. Tell him Bill Berle suggested you contact him as a starting point.

    He is connected with people here in CA who are qualified on that aircraft. More importantly, he can steer you away from sub-standard or high-end rip-off shops. Kurt may put you in touch (or steer you away if appropriate) with a NAvion mechanic on this airport who is doing some major restoration work on one. There is also a shop here which was doing high power NAvion engine conversions, but I would steer you and your wallet away from that shop. Kurt has just had a very nice military style paint job done on his NAvion, and he will be glad to recommend the shop that did it.

    We have four or five of these aircraft on the field now (KWHP, Los Angeles area). Several good people who will welcome you with open arms. I hope to meet you.
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