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Thread: New to Oshkosh 2013

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    Goggles New to Oshkosh 2013

    Hello you all
    My name is shiran, Im a private pilot 24y\o from Brussels, Belgium.
    I Will visit oshkosh this summer for my first time, planing to spend a few days over there,
    I wanted to know what is the best day to be there? (with the best air-shows) and dates?
    each day is a same program? there's a daily program?
    would like you to help me to plan my trip over there.

    BTW- If anyone comes either alone and want to join me I'd love to!

    Thanks for your helping.


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    They put the programs up on the website. They vary from day to day. The biggest shows are typically Friday and Saturday and of course the night Airshow on Saturday night is worth seeing. Things start closing down on Sunday.

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    Any chance you can come for the entire week? You might have a chance to see it all in a week. You will love it, well worth the trip.

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    You might have a chance to see it all in a week.
    Not likely! For several years, I'd spend 3 or 4 days and have to head home, disappointed that once again, I'd missed a lot of things. Surely in a whole week, I could see it all. Wrong! For the last couple of years, I've spent the entire week there, and I still fly home, knowing I've missed a lot of things! Last year, for instance, I didn't get to the museum at all--and since I've been there several times in the past, I know how great it is. Maybe I should create an "Airventure checklist" with scheduled times to do certain things--but that would turn a relaxing vacation into a chore. So I've resigned myself to knowing that if I arrive during the first weekend and leave the last weekend, which I plan to do as long as I can fly, I'm simply going to miss things.
    You will love it, well worth the trip.
    This part, I agree with. If you can look up into the sky as any airplane flies over and wish you were up there and not down here, you will.

    "I have slipped the surly bonds of earth...,
    put out my hand and touched the face of God." J.G. Magee

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    I have to agree with Cary. I've been going to OSH for the past 10 years, staying to entire week. Come Saturday morning, while getting ready to leave, I'll remember something I didn't "go see".

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    For as far as you are traveling, stay the whole week!!! I have been going since 1984 and have yet to see everything in a weeks time. Hope this helps.
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