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Thread: Continued radio problems

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    Continued radio problems

    After three months of research and asking questions, all I have found out about my radio problems is that it is a common problem with evidently no concrete solution. No help from Vertex Standard or I-Com. They sell handheld radios with headset adaptors and VOR navigation but they are useless in regards to transmitting (therefore useless in flight) if you are using an headset , intercom and external PTT switch. There is RF feedback so terrible no one can understand you. No amount of ferrite beads, loops in the coax, or external antennas has helped.

    I know there must be fellow Aeronca Chief/Champ pilots out there with usable radios. I would like to know what those radios are. I can't complete my flight training if I can't communicate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have an earlier post under my name explaining the problem with the radios, so I won't go into it here. HELP

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    Just asking;
    Have you tried taking the PTT out of the loop and using just the radio and headset? Just key the mike with the radio PTT. Some PTT are wired funny (DC comes to mind). Also; are you using an intercom? If so unhook it.

    You seem to have a feedback loop going on.
    Start with just the radio (working or not?). Add the headset. Add the intercom. Add the PTT.

    At some point you will go from useable to crap. Crap portion can always be fixed.

    Hope this helps

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    I have an Icom A14 & it has at least 30 miles range airborne. Tower couldn't tell the difference - this was using it handheld with no headset attachment. Turned all the way up we could hear them just fine with our headsets on (for hearing protection, the engine is loud)

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    I read the previous post so here goes..... are the plug wires sheilded? or are you using old solid core wires and open plugs? if sheilded (if not well it needs to be) then does running on either mag quiet it down? also if your headsets have the "on the cable" volume control try a set that doesn't (that was what was wrong with my vertex, only when transmitting, it would whine horribly). A new headset fixed the problem for me. Are you running it on it's own battery or do you have an onboard with a wind generator? if so try it on it's own battery. Good luck!, aren't AM radios fun???! I also had a serious feed back problem with mine when I had the portable gps antenna too close to the radio or even the aircraft frame, took me awhile to figure that one out.
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    Do you get the feedback when you don't plug the microphone into the headset adaptor?

    Ron Wanttaja

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    I have an older Vertex Standard, now about 9 years old. Its transmission capabilities were severely limited in my P172D, so I had my IA install a connection to the aircraft's external antennas. After doing that, the transmissions were heard loud and clear at Cheyenne's tower from about 30 miles south, apparently little different from the panel mounted radios. I used my DC 13.4 headset and a Telex PTT for the test, plugged directly into the hand-held's ports with the adapters provided by Vertex. I did not use the aircraft's intercom or aircraft power.

    My guess is that if you keep the hand-held's system entirely separate from your aircraft's systems, your problem will be solved.

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    I have a battery powered intercom in my 8A Luscombe and I have an older KX99 portable hooked up to it with a PTT switch on the stick. I also have an external antennae mounted on top of the plane. This works very well and is as clear as the panel mounts in my Bonanza. Just for kicks, I tried an ICOM (A24 I think?) hooked up to the system and it also worked very well. This is a stand-alone system (meaning not powered by the plane as the Luscombe does not have an electrical system ). I'm very happy with it.

    To the OP, are you using the aircraft to power any of the units? If so, can you try it without that using only the batteries and the external antennae?

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    I think your problem is that you have a unshielded ignition system. I had the same problem with my Chief (1946 11-AC with Continental 65), the only way I have found to eliminate the problem is to: #1: have an outside antenna, that will require having a ground plane for your antenna, and #2: installing a shielded ignition system. I installed slick mags, and shielded plugs and the problem went away.
    Good luck

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