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Thread: Please, save our aerodrome!!! LESB

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    Please, save our aerodrome!!! LESB

    Hi all:

    My name is Ben, I live in Palma of Majorca, Spain.

    Here we have an small airport for GA, Ultralights, Flying Schools, etc. I had my first flight in a friend's RF9 Motorglider when I was 17, and learned to fly there back in 1989. Now I'm 47. This Aerodrome names Son Bonet or LESB.

    Here in Spain there is one administration that manages most of the airports. This administration is called AENA (Aeropuertos Nacionales y Navegacion Aerea)

    Now AENA wants to cut the espenses by closing at 16:00 local time all the flying activities.

    I started a Petition signatures to force AENA to give the control of LESB to the local Goverment in the follow web site:

    I just ask you, as fellow Aviators, to sign my petition.
    I want to thank you all the support you can give to this cause.
    The petition is written in Spanish, but here is the English translation:

    Since arriving to Son Bonet, in the earlies 90s, AENA has maintained a disastrous management of Son Bonet Aerodrome. Began charging landing fees unfair: a light aircraft 700 kg maximum takeoff mass, he charged full 10 tons, when there has always been a staggering thousand in thousand kilograms.
    It held that are Bonet was a third class airport services and has claimed as such, when there was not even fire service to address a possible accident.
    Now, with the program cuts AENA, has suspended flight activity from 1600, with consequent damage to all aviation enthusiasts and many companies, which are based in son Bonet, to the left them in a delicate situation, especially in these times of economical crisis, and the risk to its workers.
    The Balearic Government has asked the Ministry of Development on two occasions this year, which yield AENA management Airfield only that the island of Mallorca. For an island community like ours, the availability of these facilities is vital. For example, are the basis Bonet Service IBANAT forest firebombers. The solution being transferred to the International Airport of San Juan (LEPA) are unfeasible, from the operational point of view. Can not stop the activity of commercial airline jet flights to meet a forest fire, it makes no sense, most having already a facility are Bonet.

    AENA we invite to go through the same place that came, not having known or had the capacity to understand what it is like Bonet Aerodrome, the benefit to the community of the islands and the Air Sports, and not being able to monetize their holdings and leave the the task of local government management.
    Thank you.

    Benito Garcia Medina.
    EAA 512958
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    I signed your partition. I have flown in and out of Palma many times and love your island.

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