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Thread: Verieze front access panel replacement

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    Sad Verieze front access panel replacement

    Bought a new airplane and on my second flight the front access panel came off in flight, thought I was a dead man at first. Now I just want a new panel (with locks) to put on the nose of my new airplane so that I can fly it some more. Any suggestions on what I can do to get this bird up and running again? I would love to at least get it back to my airport. Do I have to somehow fabricate a new one? Thanks for any suggestions, I would like to get back in the air ASAP.

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    I would think you could use some good old fashioned "speed tape" and cardboard to cover the hole and fly back home.

    Fabricating a new panel isn't that difficult. A Varieze uses foam/fiberglass sandwich construction. Carve a piece of foam to shape, install mounting hardpoints, cover with glass, then cover the other side. A set of plans would be nice for details, like how to shape/finish the edges, hinges, latching mech., etc. Otherwise, just find someone familiar with the design who can give you the necessary info.

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    Jason, you should find someone in your area that has built a Vari a Long or Cozy and ask for their help. First you need to find out why the cover departed and what if any damage was left behind. The experienced person will be able to help there as well. Making a new one is fairly simple and eze, but the experienced builder will be of great help, and you should do it yourself under direction. You will find the experience highly rewarding and you will use the information in the future as well. I suggest going to yahoo goups and joining the canard group, here you will be in contact with hundreds of builder flying who are great at helping fellow flyers and its an eze way to find nearby canardians.

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