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Thread: Need help identifying some parts

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    Need help identifying some parts

    My great uncle recently passed away, and in his basement were some (we are assuming) airplane parts. He grew up on an airport, then got 2 masters in aeronautical engineering and taught at Princeton. He was also head of design for the 206 and 208 Cessnas. So who knows where they came from.

    My guesses:

    1. These are the skis. Any info on brand or if they are homemade? One was wrecked when my great grandpa took off from snow and by the time he returned, there was none left. He had to land on the edge of a snow fence, and went off the end and ground looped the cub.

    2. Engine mount?
    3. A piece of exhaust?
    4. A cowling for a plexiglass canopy or something.

    If you happen to know what engine or airplane these are off of great, if not just post what you think they are.

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    Aircraft ski

    The ski in your picture looks just like my Heath set. There should be a date plate riveted to the cast mount tower. Mine reads Heath Aircraft Ski, Model 725, ATC 138, Serial Number *** , Load 725. Mfd. by Heath Co., Benton Harbor, Mich. Sorry can not help ID the other parts with those tiny pictures.
    Good luck.

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    The second picture appears to be an engine mount for a Cessna 190/195. The third picture is certainly of an exhaust segment and particularly Cessna as I recognise the form of the heat muff. The last picture looks like the fairing that covers the accessories between the exhaust and the firewall.

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    Thanks guys!

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