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Thread: Aeroquip Low Pressure Hose Reuse Question

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    Aeroquip Low Pressure Hose Reuse Question

    Hi, All;

    I have a low-pressure braided steel line from the gascolator to carb on my Sonex.

    I need to re-route the fuel line.

    My question is: on both ends, I have a 90 deg swivel -6 AN fitting. Can I remove the fitting and install a straight fitting into the already-compressed hose end, or must I make a new hose?

    This is low pressure, as in gravity-feed only. No pumps.

    I just didn't know if having a fitting compressed onto the end already would have compressed the hose inside the fitting to the point where it won't seal if I only install a new mandrel (straight) for expediency.


    Carl Orton
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    Can you live with the consequences of being wrong?

    Given the cost, I would go with a fresh, new length of hose, especially for fuel.

    Yes, I've disposed of barely-used (and painfully expensive) hose assemblies that didn't work right, for one reason or another (ok, I was the reason - the hoses from the FAA-approved shop worked great the first time)...
    Murphy's 13th: Every solution breeds new problems...

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    I agree with Eric, you'd be better off making a new FUEL line with new fittings.

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