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Thread: Pober Sport Landing gear

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    Pober Sport Landing gear

    Saw a Pober Sport at the museum and thought that, if I could get the drawings, that landing gear would work well for my SA-3A Playboy project. The flat spring gear (Cessna140) are way too heavy and builders have complained about cracks in the truss structure that supports them.

    Ms Susan Lurvey, EAA Library manager, was kind enough to send some profile drawings of the Pober Sport (that's all they have) but I wondered if anyone had detail drawings or maybe details of J-3 gear which looks very much the same?
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    The EAA Biplane, Acro Sport 1 and Acro Sport 2 all use a variation of the J3 style gear. If you know anyone with any of those plans you should have a pretty good source for the build. Here is an example from the EAA Bipe plans. This is actually showing a modified J3 strut.Name:  EAA Bipe 3.jpg
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