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Thread: Wanted , R V Flight Time

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    Wanted , R V Flight Time

    I'd very much like to fly an R V, preferably an RV-6 or maybe RV-8. I would, of course, expect to and be glad to pay any reasonable fee for an hour or so of flight time. If you have chutes, I'd like to include some mild acro, but can easily pass that up.
    I will be in the Boulder, Co area some in the next few weeks, and will have one day in Austin on Sept 2, Sun.

    If you prefer a trade rather than payment, what I have to trade flights in is a BE 36, which is a turbo Bonanza.
    If you are interested in formation ,but are not yet familiar with it, I can also offer some basic instruction in that, if we have another plane to practice with.

    Thanks for any help,

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    Bill, if you're ever in Oshkosh, let me know and we'll go for a ride in the club 6A!
    Chad Jensen
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    I'm sure that if you make a similiar posting on, you'll get a quicker response.

    Bob Leffler
    RV-10 Flying

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    Thanks for the hints, I may try that.

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