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Thread: Experiment - AirGizmo 656 Dock Refit for iPad

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    Experiment - AirGizmo 656 Dock Refit for iPad

    I think I found a convenient place to mount my iPad, plus save some money by using the iPad and ForeFlight rather than a Garmin 696.

    (oops, I meant 696 in the title)

    Check it out:

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    Looks good! Must be nice to have that much panel space.

    1) The iPad appears to be upside down. I know it makes no difference to its function, just curious if you've discovered it's more resistant to glare in this position.
    2) Does the mount allow for charging, or will the iPad run on battery only?
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    The mount I bought allows you put the iPad any way you want and has openings for plugging in the power and the plug for music. I going to add a cigarette lighter to the panel for power, when I need it. I did make one more enhancement to the Gizmo. I added a reinforcement plate for overkill and strength to prevent the plastic from ever breaking:

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    Question about that iPad app - does it also calculate/collect your altitude data in order to provide a terrain clearance function? Are the red/yellow/green areas on your screen shot terrain, or is that weather? (Or does it do both terrain and weather?)
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    The red/yellow/green areas are rain storms showing up on top of the sectional.

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