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Mock Machine Gun for Ultralight or Light Plane

How about a pair of these beauties mounted on the wing struts of your plane? Airplane and model builder Darrell Porter showed his very realistic mock German Spandau machine gun at AirVenture 2012 in the ultralight area. He built it for his own WWI Fokker replica which was displayed in the replica fighter area. Darrell works for Robert Baslee, designer of the Airdrome Aeroplane designs based in Holden, MO. He didn’t like the “toy” machine guns offered for use on the Baslee replicas so he decide to do it better. A kit will be sold thru Robert Baslee and his Airdrome Aeroplane company. The materials are wood, PVC and metal, and much of the work is already completed. The price has not yet been determined. It’s not on the website yet. If interested, call and ask. The company manufactures kits for quite a few replica airplanes including a ¾ scale Eindecker ultralight ($5495 less engine and paint).