Any good stories about the good in people? I have found the best at EAA:

About four years ago I was with my brothers and Dad for our yearly Oshkosh fix (since 1985). I had my Nikon D70 with me and at the time the shoulder strap was to short so I couldnt put over my head. Well anyway I must have put it down without thinking(we were in the Ford tent) and walked away from the display we were looking at. We got to the then AeroShell square and I realized I didn't have my camera. We all ran back to the tent and looked everywhere for it. No luck. I was pissed at myself and upset that someone took a very expensive camera. I decided to go to the lost and found building even though there was no chance that it would be turned in. I described my camera to the volunteers and to my amazement someone had just turned it in. I was floored. I have always said the people at EAA are for the most part respectful and best around. Looking forward to Oshkosh 2012!