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Thread: How many marriages occur at an average Airventure?

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    How many marriages occur at an average Airventure?

    Just a trivia question, having seen a woman in a wedding dress at Arlington a couple of years ago. I'm guessing it is at least a couple per Airventure.

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    Not sure but the number of divorces post-OSH is probably much higher...

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    I met my wife of 20+yrs at Oshkosh Airshow I moved here from England and personally know a couple who volunteer their time at Flight Line Ops N40' that where married during the airshow 10 yrs ago.

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    I know of one couple that met at Oshkosh, proposed at Oshkosh, and were married at Oshkosh in successive years.
    I didn't get married there, but we did pretty much do our Honeymoon by going to Oshkosh and then cruising around the FLW sites in Wisconsin/Chicagoland.

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    I' be happy if I could find someone to marry when I come over....
    "If it was supposed to be easy, everybody would be doing it...."

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    Our wedding anniversary is August 2nd. We were married just outside of Oshkosh near Milwaukee. We spent our honeymoon at the EAA in Oshkosh staying in a backpack pup tent that you couldn't stand up in. The announcer for the airplane raffle gave us a "free" ticket for the raffle as a wedding present. we have spent many an anniversary at Oshkosh. Brought our first born when she was six weeks old and our youngest when she was six months old. dates don't always fall the same for the event like this year so we ill be home again before our anniversary. Didn't ask her at EAA, but it was in an aircraft. didn't marry her there, but did have our honeymoon under a wing or two. Couldn't ask for better...

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    8/1/96, opening day in the morning on the Tri-motor. A story my wife and I will be telling our whole lives. Wouldn't change a thing. Thanks again to Pastor Ed. See ya in a few days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by avinuts View Post
    Our wedding anniversary is August 2nd. We were married just outside of Oshkosh near Milwaukee. We spent our honeymoon at the EAA in Oshkosh staying in a backpack pup tent that you couldn't stand up in.
    Hey, Kid, you were on your honeymoon, why would you be needing to stand up??!! LOL...happy anniversary!
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    Didn't get married there but did get engaged in AeroShell Square with our plane. Totally surprised her!

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    Actually, I can personally attest to one... It was a number of years back at Pioneer Airport... a couple met at the ladies activity tent the previous year... fell in love and decided to get married... the Chairperson for activities back then was Jenny Dyke... her husband John designed the Dyke Delta... Well, Jenny decided to throw them a wedding they would not soon forget... she had them married in a hot air balloon that was tethered at Pioneer!... my job... come up with a way that the rest of their guests could hear the ceremony as the only ones in the balloon were the bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, a (very brave) local minister... and of course, the balloon operator! It was easy... I used a wireless microphone that I hooked into an outside P.A. system at one of the hangars. (just yet another thing that I "McGyvered" together at Oshkosh!) Once the party was airborn, the minister began the ceremony, interrupted by the occasional "WHOOOOOOOOSH" from the balloon's burners to keep them aloft!

    I don't know if they are still together... and unfortunately, Jenny is no longer with us... but I do have this lovely wall plaque from her with this laser-etched hot-air balloon and a testiment of "THANKS" for making it all possiblle!

    There are a few more details to this story but too much for here... If you really want to hear more about it... please stop by the Comm Center during Airventure... I'll be glad to tell you the rest... AND show you the plaque as well!

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