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Thread: AirVenture 2012 Webcam Official Thread

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    AirVenture 2012 Webcam Official Thread

    Welcome to the official thread for AirVenture 2012 Streaming Media. This will be the only thread monitored by our group during the show. All updates and important info will be posted to this thread and in this "first post"

    We changed the method of distributing and encoding all the camera feeds this year to allow greater compatability with different operating systems and types of browsers. A couple months ago we had a sample feed up using the new distribution method and had excellent results and response from the dozens of people that tested it on tons of devices, browsers and operating systems including iOS and Android. If you are having an issue feel free to post in this thread and we will do our best to help.

    A quick note on the Airshow Camera....
    Just as last year, the video feed we get for the airshow is a shared resource. The main purpose of the camera that is on the control tower is to record interesting events going on around AirVenture for future EAA publications. Just as last year we are fortunute to be able to take a feed off this camera to stream across the internet to EAA members that can not attend the show. Since we are taking a feed off a camera that is there to record more that just the airshow, you may see the other views than just the aircraft in the show.

    Theater in the Woods...
    We are still working out which programs we can stream from the theater. Due to copyright issues no concerts or movies will be streamed. A schedule will be posted in the next few days.

    Camera link...

    Updated Information including known issues, answers to common questions, camera status ect....

    7/18/2012 7:45 pm

    Issues: People have been having troubles opening the camera links using Windows 7 with Internet Explorer and getting a message "IE can't display the webpage"

    Fix: What you have to do to fix it is click on "Tools" go to "Pop-up Blocker" and either turn the pop-up blocker off or go to "Pop-up Blocker Setting" Under the "Exemptions" "Address of website to allow" take and add and click "Add"

    Update 7/24 - We killed the ultralight and Warbird cameras to free up some additional bandwidth for air show (and stuff) viewers.
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    The towers were raised this morning. The official EAA website for the streams should be coming soon. Till then, there is a sample stream running of the warbird camera for your enjoyment, please see the first post in this thread. Once EAA has their page up, we will be taking the beta stream down.

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    The official EAA Webcam link page has been posted at
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    Thanks for putting these up! Running these is keeping me sane while I wait to leave for OSH on Friday!

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    Not a problem, I have been doing the same thing as I travel a lot for work and am currently out on the east coast. I head for home Thursday and hope to head back to OSH Friday or Saturday.


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    We were just notified the official EAA webcam site is up and running. You can find the link to all the cameras at the following address.

    Please be aware the Theater and Airshow cams are only active during certain times.

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    Now if you can tell me how to open all three streams on one pc that would be great. I am sure I am missing the obvious.
    Thanks again to all of you working on this

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    wyoranch....your browser should have an option (probably right click on the link depending on OS and browser) to Open Link In A New Window. You can do that on all 3 links and get them up simultaneously (and at the same time, too :-) You'll have to size them to all fit as best you can, of course.

    To clarify...each cam will open in its own copy of the browser.

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    My open in a new window is grayed out. So for now I just open a new window and paste the links above into each window. Perhaps it is just a windows 7 thing. I will try my XP laptop after dinner.

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