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Thread: ORIGINAL Aeronca 11 AC drawings

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    ORIGINAL Aeronca 11 AC drawings

    Does anyone have or know of a source of a complete set of the manufacturers' drawings for this aircraft ? I am particularly interested in 1946 production units. Also, how about company records reflecting actual options on aunit basis ? (i.e. as built per S/N ). I will be posing these questions to the Type club site soon.

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    There are a couple of groups which hold most of the Aeronca drawings. The easiest place to get the bulk of the drawings is The DVD of the drawings is at the bottom of this page:

    The National Aeronca Association has some drawings which are not available on the DVD. The NAA's drawings are generally available by request. Here's the website for the NAA's forums, which is where you'd start in a drawing search:

    Hope this helps.

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