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Thread: Dynon D10A EFIS and -396

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    Dynon D10A EFIS and -396

    The blue 'data out' wire from my -396 is feeding NMEA-0183 to my autopilot. Can I just splice into that line for the feed to a D10A?
    Does anyone have the same setup?

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    Maybe, I think...

    If the input circuitry in the autopilot and D10A don't interfere with one another through the common data line, and if the split doesn't reduce the digital signal level below the minimum threshold for either device, you might get away with it. Even if it doesn't work, I'd be very surprised if it did any damage.

    You could isolate the autopilot and D10A from one another by putting a small signal diode inline to each after the split. This would, however, reduce signal level by ~0.2V for each device. For all I know, both boxes have isolated inputs already.

    I'd call Garmin and/or Dynon tech support and ask them. I'm sure you're not the first guy with this requirement.
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