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Thread: Kinloch Flying Field in St. Louis

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    Kinloch Flying Field in St. Louis

    Although long gone, Kinloch Flying Field played a major role in the early days of aviation at St. Louis. Jack Abercrombie of the Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum based at St. Louis Downtown Airport in Cahokia, IL has written a fantastic article about the history of Kinloch Field that you can read here:

    I highly recommend it!


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    Great article! St. Louis is rich with aviation history. If you're near St. Louis, stop in and visit the museum on the west ramp of CPS and meet Jack. The museum is housed in one of the last Curtiss-Wright hangars still in use. Not only will you meet our great curator, Jack Abercrombie, and see many great aviation artifacts, but you'll be walking through the same doors that Lindbergh, Earhart, Doolittle and many of the other early aviation pioneers walked through in the 1930's.

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