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Thread: Anyone needing to us eAPIS

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    Anyone needing to us eAPIS

    This was in my email yesterday. Thought the link might be handy to anyone who needs to use the eAPIS. I've used since 2009 & have never had any issues -

    Dear eAPIS user,

    As described in the Private Aircraft APIS Final Rule, “Advance Information on Private Aircraft Arriving and Departing the United States,” published in the Federal Register on November 18, 2008, pilots of private aircraft are required to submit Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) manifests for private aircraft flights that enter and exit the United States. Manifest submissions must be transmitted via eAPIS (the CBP web portal) or through another CBP-approved data interchange system.

    Below is an alphabetic listing of companies offering CBP-approved data interchange options. The list includes full-service providers, stand-alone products, and even an iPhone/iPad application. The below list of CBP-approved service providers can also be found at

    All of the options listed below have been tested by CBP to be syntactically compliant and have been approved to transmit private aviation APIS flight manifests. This approval is not an endorsement by CBP and all users are reminded that whether utilizing eAPIS or one of the CBP-approved service provider options, the private aircraft pilot – the individual responsible for the operation of the aircraft while in flight – is solely responsible for the timeliness, accuracy, validity, and correctness of the manifest information transmitted to CBP.

    We hope this information is useful.

    Ralph D. Modisette
    National APIS Account Manager
    Office of Field Operations, CBP Headquarters
    ps - Clicking on the pdf link doesn't seem to work, but if you copy & paste it, it works fine.
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    Yes, I'm in the process of re-registering. My 'activation key' isn't valid for some reason. I may be near KIAG later in June & I'm overdue for a Canadian fishing trip.

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    eAPIS not that bad...

    I'm going to need eAPIS for a flight to Quebec in July and I registered on because I knew they offered this service and I had heard many horror stories about the eAPIS website. BTW seems to be a great website and is very intuitive to use and I will do so.

    In regard to eAPIS and, you have to fill out information regarding your airplane and passport info etc and they have a $250 minimum fee for using the service 10 times within a 2 year period each trip across a border would qualify as two times, once to get there and once to get basically the cost is $50 per trip. This would obviously be a lot of of money ($250) if you don't cross borders that often. It would actually work out for me as I have a vacation home in Nova Scotia (where I was born) and would probably make the 5 trips needed to make the fee reasonable.

    On the advice of a Pilot friend who had recently used the eAPIS system I went to the eAPIS website and registered there and went though all the forms as if I was really planning a trip in the next 30 really isn't that difficult to navigate...and once you have yourself set up in the system it is easy to cut and paste for a future trip. So you can save yourself the fltplan fee by doing it yourself...don't believe all the horror I think many of those stories are prior to making the system more user friendly. I would not however recommend waiting until the day of your trip to get yourself into this it now as there are a few head scratchers but you'll be able to figure it out and think you'll be happy with the outcome.
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    Saw this thread on Google and wanted to drop in and say 'hi'! My company developed iAPIS - the iPhone app mentioned by the CBP in their email and PDF file. If anyone has any questions or comments on iAPIS please feel free to contact me through this forum.

    We are currently working on a small revision to the app to improve the clarity on pricing (the app charges $2.99 to submit a manifest but that is not clear on the main screen of iAPIS) and hopefully we will have this out soon. In the meantime, we'd love any comments on the current version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janet Davidson View Post
    This approval is not an endorsement by CBP and all users are reminded that whether utilizing eAPIS or one of the CBP-approved service provider options, the private aircraft pilot – the individual responsible for the operation of the aircraft while in flight – is solely responsible for the timeliness, accuracy, validity, and correctness of the manifest information transmitted to CBP.
    Given that last sentence, I'll stick to using CBP's own eAPIS website rather than trust an intermediary to keep me out of trouble.
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    There's another iPhone app for APIS called FlashPass. I installed and configured it last year, but haven't used it. At the time, the developer said he was changing his pricing structure so that someone who uses it rarely won't get charged. I don't know what happened with that plan.
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    The last version of Flashpass for iPhone/iPad has a NEW pricing structure
    for Casual Flyers.

    Some FEATURES include:

    - Input eApis data on Computer (web) with automatic SYNC to iPhone/iPad.
    - Share Passengers with other Flashpass Users.
    - Your data is safely stored on our Houston servers.
    - Recycle previous manifests for faster submission (Clone Feature).
    - Unlimited use for $60/year or buy single manifests for $1.99
    - Preview or email your manifest before you submit to CBP.
    - CBP Airports of Entry directory available for easy access.
    - Support Chat on our website.
    - Call us for any questions @ (956)948-2000.

    Flashpass for iPhone/iPad version is our 3rd version. We started
    helping pilots with eApis back in 2009.

    * Coming soon: Flashpass for Android

    Hope you like it.


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    So is it free for casual flyers or $1.99x2 per trip?

    Your website says:

    Try FlashPass for 30 days risk free & Coming soon FREE for casual flyers!

    We at Lobo:Labs are passionate pilots and developers. We are constantly looking for way's to promote flying and make it easier and less expensive. If you casually fly internationally, is free for you!. Once you open a free account with us and after your unlimited trial expires, You will have 8 round trips a year for free (16 manifest submissions)
    There's nothing to loose!. You may create a full featured trial account for 30 days. You can instantly purchase a yearly subscription right from your account after you discover that FlashPass is for you. (For $60.00 USD per 12 months)
    If you fly occasionally internationally, FlashPass will be free for you! Soon you will have 16 manifest submissions a year for free (8 round trips). We will announce details soon. All you need to do is open a free trial account, and we will take care of the rest once your free trial expires.
    A dedicated team of developers keep the app up to date and we are constantly adding new features to make our site even better. Rule compliance is closely monitored with CBP and the application is always up to date.
    The app/website might make eAPIS simpler, but the information about it is confusing. Including the time you guys got caught reviewing your own app.

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    There is another eAPIS app for the IOS It is called iapis. Only 2.99 per manifest. Works well.
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    I do many trips back and forth from our home in Canada to our vacation home in Idaho and to see our son in Montana so need file eapis a lot! The Eapis website is awkward at best and even though I have filed hundreds of trips it is still hard and very time consuming to use. I would have tried but it is too much money. I found Flashpass and started using it with their iPad app. Their support is incredible and they get right back to you if there are any questions. But the main thing is how easy it is to use. You can pre populate all cities you fly to, all your addresses, passengers, emergency contacts, pilots etc etc. then to file a report you just select from all the prepopulated fields and bingo - you are filed. For multiple flights to the same place use cloning. Works wonderful! Highly recommended.

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