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Thread: Ramsey Flying Bathtub...

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    Ramsey Flying Bathtub...

    Hey, I purchased the EAA reprints of the flying and glider manuals recently, and have taken an interest in the story on the Ramsey flying bathtub.

    When I got in touch with Vicky at the EAA, she directed me here, said this was the place to come with my questions.

    So, I was just wondering if anyone on here has any info on the Ramsey?

    I have the manual, with it's plans, and I found a PDF story about a bloke who brought one to Oshkosh back in '78 on this forum...

    Does anyone else have details about any that have been built (and flown), or contact details for anyone else with an interest in them?

    And does anyone know if there are some other plans available, or whether those in the manual are it?

    Cheers for your help,

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