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    I'm a low hour private pilot looking to use a simple cheap online logbook, I hope to do my cpl one day so good records are so important. Can anyone recommend a suitable one?
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    If you plan to make a career of flying, don't start out cheap with our logbook. You'll just be making extra work for yourself down the road. I started out on paper in an ASA book, then eventually transferred everything into a digital form. It took a couple of months of steady work to get it done. My advice is to start using a good digital logbook at the outset. Most airline guys seem to use Logbook Pro. The PC software is $99, and that's really all you need. They also have iPhone and Android apps if you log a lot of flights in a day and don't want to mess with paper. If you're not that busy, just jot down what you did and enter it when you get home. Logbook Pro can output all sorts of reports about your flying, including in formats that mimic Jeppesen and ASA logbooks. The authors (NC Software) offer all sorts of "cloud" services geared for airline pilots that you can ignore.
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