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    I would like to know from people that have camped at EAA. I know you are allowed one Tent per site, can you also set up a canopy over your tent is this allowed? I've been to EAA many many years but never camped there looking forward to it hope the weather is nice..

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    Absolutely! You just want to make sure that it is tied down adequately, as it never fails that we get one good wind whip through trying to knock things over (and sometimes succeeding).


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    I totally agree with Zach! Two years ago I put a canopy over my tent and it was staked down real good ... BUT ... the poles that I used to hold up the canopy were those that are collapsible have the elastic cord going thru the center of them. When a storm moved thru in the middle of the night the wind lifted the canopy enough to stretch the elastic and allow the poles to collapse. Needless to say, the canopy was no longer a canopy but mostly a floor mat until morning. Last year I brought a campers best friend with me ... duct tape, and I taped those joints real good and had no problem at all!

    Ron Osborn

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    Dan, are you camping with your plane? I have camped with mine in vintage for years and it is the way to do OSH.
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