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Thread: Aviation Trouble Makers

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    Aviation Trouble Makers

    I stopped in at n79 (Northumberland, PA) to stretch my legs and fill the tanks. To my surprise I was approached by 2 of the locals who "forced" me into their hangar. While held hostage they insisted that I enjoy a cold soft drink. I repeatedly made it clear that I had to get home to mow the lawn to keep the peace in my happy marriage. They countered my scheduling issue (flying when I should have been mowing) by getting out the grill and cooking burgers and dogs. Not being one to let perfectly good food go to waste I felt I had to stay and do my part to make sure there were no leftovers. After a few hours of good food, drink and conversation I was finally set free by my captors to return home and make my excuses as to why the lawn was not done. Imagine my delight when I arrived at the house the lawn was done ( by my terrific wife) and she was happy that I got out with the plane. If you get the chance stop by N79, say "Hi" to Mark and Jim (aka the Black Sheep....they can tell you the story) and be prepared to explain to your spouse why you were gone so long.

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    Sounds almost as bad as the KC Dawn Patrol guys at Liberty Landing in Missouri. They gang up on one not just as a foursome, but they have wives (including Sharon Starks, who is a formidable pilot in her own right) and assorted kids around.

    Then they pull out their Nieuport 11 biplanes and fly them around. Worst, they have a Champ on site to play chase plane with.
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    NO! Say it isn't so!!!

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    The worst part if it is that you find these trouble makers hanging around a number of grass strips in Pennsylvania.

    65LA out of 07N Pennsylvania

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