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Thread: EAA Monthly Photo Contest - August 2012

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    EAA Monthly Photo Contest - August 2012

    The photo contest continues!

    Submit your photos for the change to see it used as our featured wallpaper download:

    Here's how it works:
    1. First, you’ll take a great photo, one that evokes the spirit of aviation. Feel free to include a caption or any other notes about the setting, subject matter, etc. The "spirit of aviation" is a broad definition - show us pictures OF aircraft, pictures taken FROM aircraft, people thinking ABOUT aircraft ... well, as long as it's obvious ... anyway, you get the idea.

    2. Then, you’ll reply to this thread and embed the picture in your post. (We prefer it if you include just one picture per post.) Note: to embed a picture, click the image button on the toolbar to find and upload the file .... Please use this method to make the picture immediately visible as opposed to simply attaching the file.

    3. As our deadline approaches, the photo submissions will be reviewed by the editorial team (and me), meeting in a secure and undisclosed location, and we will choose a winner to be used as our featured wallpaper (with full and appropriate credit, naturally.)

    4. We’ll contact the photographer directly to arrange for their submission of a high-res version of the winning photo as needed (see below.) We’ll also provide the basic legalese at that point to ensure that we have the rights to publish the photo.

    There are a few things to point out:
    • The photo contest is open to all members of EAA.
    • Note that, above, we said you’ll take the photo – submissions must be made by the original photographer.
    • Photos must be posted here to be considered – email submissions will not be accepted.
    • In addition, the pictures you post here will be automatically resized for web viewing, which means they may not be of a high-enough resolution for the desktop wallpaper. So, in order for your picture to be considered for publication, you must be able to provide a high resolution version on request.
    • This means that the original must be 3 Megapixels (~2048 x 1536) or higher.
    • Enter as many pictures as you like – the more the merrier! (Though, again, we prefer you post each picture separately.)
    The deadline for submissions to the August 2012 contest is
    June 15th, 2012.

    Hal Bryan
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    Nice Leisurely Afternoon Flight.

    Nothing like a Spring day to get away from it all.
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    North American AT-6D, Pilot Dan Fordice, Co-pilot Steve See

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    Taken from another T-6 flown by Jimmy Fordham.
    Over Jackson, Mississippi

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    Ya Think He's Having Fun?

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    Bill Groth makes a low pass in his RV-8 at the KCVN fly-In on April 21, 2012.

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