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Thread: orientation flights, suggestions

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    orientation flights, suggestions

    I fly a small two seater, high wing, modern single engine and I love it. But I also like vintage planes and warbirds. Few years ago I flew left seat (with an instructor) a C45 Twin Beech and last year I had the opportunity of flying an AT-6 ex RAF 1943 Harvard. Now I'd like to make new experiences. High performance historic jet fighters like the F104 (in Italy is an iconic plane, being used by our Air Force for four decades) are too expensive for my limited budget, but there are more affordable old training jets like L29, T33, T37, Fouga Magister. I've found on the Internet organizations in the US offering orientation flights, but maybe there are some more. May I have suggestions? You can get in touch via private mail if you prefer.
    One of the planes I've always been dreaming about is the DC-3/C-47. Is anybody offering orientation flights with some stick... ops, yoke & rudder time on this wonderful plane?
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    Warbird Orientation Flights

    If you are ever in Indiana, we will soon offer training in a very rare Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon!

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