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Thread: Spitfires in Burma 'could be found'

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    Spitfires in Burma 'could be found'

    A friend of mine in Great Britain posted this on his Facebook page. Thanks Ade.

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    Just a guess, but those most likely are Mk XIVs, or Mk XVIs. if not then some foreign ones were a rarer Mk VIIIs. If they were new and in crated when buried they were probably preserved in cosmoline, maybe even wrapped in a oil type wax paper that I have seen some Merlin parts in; and they might be well preserved.At the least they would probably be great static museum displays, and some parts useable in any event. I'd like to have one, but I'll bet the B o B flight will have first claim.

    Can you imagine the market value of a brand factory new Spitfire, complete with all military parts (radio, guns, etc.) fresh factory Rolls engine; if they were found and had not deteriated at all?
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    I would tune in to see a program digging them up. But I'd be so turned off to see the lawyers arguing over who gets to keep them.

    Bob Wilson

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