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Thread: They're at it again

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    They're at it again

    I saw on the news yesterday and today, that the search for Amelia Earhart goes on again. It said something about the State Dept, and Sec Clinton. Then it said it was the usual suspect, TIGHAR, ( not to be confused with Tiger),and the search would now be underwater off shore of Nikamuroro atol.
    In the past this group has had a lot of rpm, and not much manifold pressure, as for as I know has provided a lot of entertaining theories, but never really found anything of proof.
    Maybe this time, never say never, would be a heck of a story.
    It does say the $500K costs is privately funded.
    Amelia is actually a weather person on TV channel 9 in Denver, as well as a pilot. She's a distant relative, but stays on dry land, flies in a Cirrus.
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    It's funny how TIGHAR always uncovers a new lead about the time they need money for a new expedition. Seriously though, I've seen their Earhart pitch and it is amazing the amount of work they have done and how much information has been collected. It would be an amazing discovery if they could find Earhart, Noonan, or the plane...

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