I finally got through to CGS (they call themselves Phoenix today) and learned they've dropped their Hirth association. Too bad, I was hoping to visit them during a two-wing, fly-in the same week as Sun and Fun, March 23-24. But all is not lost.

I spoke with Rec Power and he may stop off in Huntsville on the way back. If not, he is only a 600 mile drive away, a week-ender. Sometime in April, I'll go visit and finalize my decision. Right now, the Hirth 3502 looks to be right on target:
  • fuel injection - has an RS-232 interface and Rec Power has the interface definition. I am a computer network guy and system programmer who builds his own 'glue logic' when needed so I think this is going to work. I'm especially interested in injector timing and rpm which gives me the raw data for fuel consumption. This is something I've done already with our Prius.
  • oil injection - requires recoil starter! I was happily surprised as this meets my second requirement . . . recoil starter.
  • prop recommendation - there are slow-speed, efficient props and high-speed props. It turns out we independently walked towards the same prop vendor.
I've got a good bit of design and testing to complete but so far, this project looks more and more feasible. This will be fun.

Bob Wilson