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Thread: "SAFE" Master Flight Instructor Program

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    Goggles "SAFE" Master Flight Instructor Program

    I have looked at this ( Society of Aviation and Flight Educators, SAFE Pilot Orginization) in the past and have once again reviewed the program without joining. Does anyone have comments on the value or lack of value of this program. Looks to me like more paperwork and fees to detract from the job at hand. I am going to continue to check into SAFE and will report any positive findings. They do have a handy "Event Finder" search engine for aviation activities at the bottom right of their home page. This event finder is available for others to add to your aviation web site. Contact for details.

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    Hi Jedi,

    Although SAFE offers many different programs (including Mentoring and CFI Liability Insurance programs), it does not have a Master Instructor program. However, SAFE is a strong supporter of the original Master Instructor Continuing Education Program administered by Master Instructors LLC. SAFE has a Letter of Understanding with Master Instructors LLC, and SAFE members receive $20 off the Master Instructor application fee as a member benefit. This arms-length relationship ensures impartiality in the Master Instructor designation process.

    I am sure Master Instructors LLC will be more than happy to answer any questions you have ( Most questions about SAFE can be answered on the SAFE website at If not, you can submit a contact form with your specific question(s).


    (not "Rcih" -- can't modify the dang username if you want to fix a typo!)

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