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Thread: NextGen Survey - Please help me collect information

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    NextGen Survey - Please help me collect information

    Fellow aviation professionals,

    I am conducting research on the implementation of NextGen for a college project. The link below is for a survey that will help me collect information for my research. The survey takes less than 5 minutes and is completely anonymous. The survey was designed for aircraft owners but all are welcome to take it. I will use the information to test how much of an impact the implementation of Nextgen will have on general aviation pilots. There is also a block for any comments and ideas. Enjoy and thanks for the help!

    Any feedback about the survey is appreciated!

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    Cool survey.

    Have you looked into FLARM? It is a low-cost, GPS-based collision avoidance system used (primarily) by gliders Gliders regularly fly in very close proximity to each other, using the same thermals to gain altitude or the same ridges to fly along.

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    Done. If you haven't already done so, I would suggest cross-posting this to the other pilot forums since there seems to be something of a bias towards the VFR only crowd here. That may skew your results if you're not careful.
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    You might be interested in knowing that the FAA policy on receiving the ADS-B uplink which contains both the TIS-B data (radar display of all aircraft) and the FIS-B data (doppler wx radar, metars, tafs, pireps, etc) is going to be DENIED unless you are MODE S equipped. Apparently the FAA is more intereted in their "system" than in flight safety. It is possible to have an under $500 uplink reciever connected to any TabletPC, AndroidSlate, or iPad that will display the fantastic data of the uplink...we are building one.

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    Steve is right on VFR orientation of pilots here, but I think it's far more widespread in the overall community than he allows.

    "When GPS technology becomes the only source of navigation will you require additional flight training?" is a odd question, as I don't think they'll ever do away with a paper sectional.

    Similarly, should a GPS ever become mandatory for all aircraft there is going to be a huge knashing of teeth and the AOPA and EAA are going to go into full Lobby Mode. Very few GA pilots are qualified and current for instrument flight; forcing them to put in equipment for IFR flight is asking for a helluva flight.

    Might as well get completely nuts and require radios in aircraft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steveinindy View Post
    there seems to be something of a bias towards the VFR only crowd here. That may skew your results if you're not careful.
    I think you will find that with the exception of those who get paid to fly for a living (who aren't buying the equipment with their money anyway) most pilots fly VFR the majority of the time. I am instrument rated but I rarely use it. The majority of my IFR flight is to meet currency requirements, and when I do take a trip & file IFR I use VOR/DME, I don't have the time or the money to stay current on the different GPS systems in each plane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Switzer View Post
    ...I don't have the time or the money to stay current on the different GPS systems in each plane.
    CONCUR! a major difficulty in all this glass cockpit revolution is button punching. very little (if anything) is standardized across platforms the way "twist the knob & center the needle" used to be. the differences in capabilities and how to access those capabilities are astounding. heck, most of the new radios don't even have knobs, nor buttons. a pilot flying multiple aircraft types with various avionics types installed, including different panels in the same aircraft make and model? d'ya think that PIC just might be at higher risk for a human factors accident?

    related risk environment - panel updates. ref - latest sport aviation magazine, the aztec update and article on ads-b "free" features vs xm subscriptions. (first off, ain't nothing "free" from the gummint, somebody paid for it or is GONNA pay for it some day. and that somebody is gonna be U eventually.) in any aircraft, new stuff is going to have any PIC head-down a lot more than before while learning how to use it, even though the seat fits his/her butt. marconi's theory does NOT separate aircraft, never has, never will. Tweedledee playing with the knobs and buttons and touchscreens to find all the electronic traffic is gonna become Tweedledumb when s/he forgets all that flys does not show up electronically, never will, and some of what is out there doesn't even have a body on board to LOOK OUT THE WINDOW.

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