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Thread: Heath Baby Bullet

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    Heath Baby Bullet

    saw a write up on one, looked and sounded pretty cool, any body ever build one now a days, or know stall take off/landing speeds???

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    Heath Baby Bullet

    I last saw a Heath parasol at Oshkosh about 20 years ago, and it was so small that I wondered how short one would have to be to get in it. For some reason, the Heath airplanes have not been replicated and maybe it's because they were so cramped. Maybe they didn't fly well. Because my last name is Heath, I thought years ago about building one but could find no information good enough to work from. My guess is the Heath aircraft are lost in the dust of history.

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    Basic plans for the Bullet are available in the EAA reprints of the old FLYING & GLIDER MANUAL from 1929-1933. But the plans are pretty rudimentary and the building techniques long out of use, and the plane is tiny as it was built around Heath, who only weighed 110 lbs. Hunter is right that it's not something anyone builder would be likely to tackle today. The Baby Bullet does have a lot of charm, though, and could certainly be an inspiration for a new, original design or you could take a more recent midwing design like the Sonerai I and modify it cosmetically to resemble the Baby Bullet.

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    I agree with Matthew, enought data to build a Heath bullet or parasol is out there, just not in step by step format. If you are interested in the Heath parasol, take a look at Paul Poberezny's P9 "Pixie" essentially a Heath parasol "modernized" and enlarged so a full scale person can fit. No reason why you can't add 'retro' styling and go the other way.

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