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Thread: Laird Super Solution project

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    Laird Super Solution project

    This may be a long shot, but I am hoping that I can dig up some pictures of the EAA Laird Super Solution in colour while under construction.
    I have some in black and white but no colour photos of it uncovered.

    I am building a Laird Super Solution replica:

    as well if anyone attended Oshkosh 2002, and took some good video of Jim Moss flying his fantastic Super Solution replica, (shown below) I would love to see a copy of this as well.

    There must be some colour photos of the EAA replica while under construction out there? I am stuck on a few areas, and could really use some new photos to help sort some details.

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    Pete ...........

    Unfortunately, all I have are a half-dozen color photos of the plane when it was at Arlington in 2001. I would be glad to share them with you, if you will drop me a note at capn27 <at> (don't forget the .sg on the end or I'll never get it)

    I thumbed through your web site and was amazed at your excellent workmanship. I have a method of tapering Spruce for spar splices you may find interesting. It was taught to me by Ted Hendrickson when I was building my Emeraude. I can fill you in on that via email as well, if you wish.

    Keep at it,
    Rich Shankland
    Gig Harbor, WA

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    This is very cool Pete!! If there is anything I can get you from the museum's airplane as it's displayed, let me know.

    Zack may be the guy to ask about pictures when it was being constructed.
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    Hi Pete,

    I checked the museum's aircraft files for the Super Solution and there are very, very few color photos of the replica while under construction. Is there anything in particular you are looking for?


    PS: For those who don't know what we're talking about, check out this interview I recorded with Pete for the Timeless Voices of Aviation program...

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    There were exactly 21 color photos of the replica while under construction down in Florida. I just finished scanning all of them, and on Monday morning I will post them in this thread (I think they might be of interest to other folks curious about the project). After you've had a look, I can email you any that you want. They are not the best in terms of details and clarity.



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    "If there is anything I can get you from the museum's airplane as it's displayed, let me know"

    Hi Chad, thanks so much, very kind of you, how about the cowl (I am happy to pay the shipping!!!)

    actually I was really lucky during my trip to the Museum, and through the generosity of Tom, Alan, Baulken, and Zack, I was able to take a ton of photos, which have been really helpful,
    saying that I am really excited to see what colour shots Zack has come up with. The B&W ones have become my guidance, and I use them constantly, but its amazing how certain details are hidden no matter what angle the photos were taken from!

    Thanks very much for the help


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    As far as I can tell from what little info is written on the back, all of these photos were taken in May 1979 at Leonard McGinty's hangar, Vandenberg Field, Tampa, Florida.

    Name:  LairdNR12048_001.jpg
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    The last of the color construction shots:

    Name:  LairdNR12048_021.jpg
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    Laird Super Solution

    Thanks so much for these photos, already I can see they reveal some details which I was not aware of, (one big one!) so they are extremely helpful, and I really appreciate your efforts in locating, and posting them.

    I am keeping pretty thorough photo records this time, so should anyone want to build one of these in the future it will be easier. I guess back then (late 70`s) it was far more important to just build it, than take photos of the process.

    I suspect with this last series, and the photos I already have, thats about it for evidence. No excuses for a lack of production now!


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    Super Solution Replica details.

    I wonder if Pete Groves ever has seen EAA's book, "E.M.matty Laird's Super Solution", by George Hardie and published 1981, I believe.?The center spread has my cut-away illustration of the aircraft and which shows a multitude of details. If Pete will 'phone me at 616-678-7582, I might be able to assist him further. .........Jim

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