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Thread: reduction needed

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    reduction needed

    I have an ea-81 subaru engine that I need a reduction drive for, does anyone have one for sale?

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    ea 81 gearbox

    I have parts you may be able to use.

    consisting of case and gears and bearings-------there are no bolts to hold the case together and no bolts for prop mounting or crankshaft. you may reply to my e-mail.

    Bob Meyers

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    Hi Mike,
    If I were searching for the best redrive, I'd go for the Stratus. New, they may be a little pricey, but the belted redrive is easy to inspect, maintainance is easy and very inexpensive to do.
    geared types are problematic, hard to inspect and difficult to repair. I've used the Stratus for 5 years now and really like it. I think they're $1500 new, but you might find one for less used.
    My site has lots of pics of it on the engine page if you're interested.
    Larry McFarland

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