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Thread: Chapter Telephone Number

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    Chapter Telephone Number

    The business card thread reminded me of another item I brought up at a weekend workshop there a couple years ago. Getting a phone number for the chapter. If you can put up with the privacy policy, Google has a phone service at You can get a free phone number which gets forwarded to your existing phone. It can go to multiple phones too. There's an voice mail transcription feature too. The main advantage is you can keep the same phone number when the contact person changes.
    Outgoing calls to the US and Canada are free through 2012. You start the call through their web site, it calls you, then makes the outgoing call.

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    I don't do Google Voice but have had similar service from a company called Ring Central for several years. I have an toll free number that rings all my various phones (cell, office, home) or my wife's or both. If we still don't answer, it takes a messages and emails and texts us.

    I have a similar number recorded as the airport/airport manager's number in the airport master record for our private strip so when one of my neighbors forgets to close his flight plan, several of us get notified.

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