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Thread: Looking for volunteers.

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    Looking for volunteers.

    I am chairman of the Camp Scholler Registration ramp. The wonderful people that I have the privilege to work with every year are the ones that show you where to park while registering to camp. We are also starting to take on a few more tasks arround the campground. As a result we are starting to get spread a little thin. We have also seen a shift in the attendance patterns. More people are coming later in the week. This has resulted in the need for more volunteers, spread out throughout the week.

    We usually start Thursday or Friday before the show starts and work the whole way through the following Saturday. So, we have plenty of time for people to volunteer. We don't ask for much, a few hours here or there or you can make it a full time job. As much or as little as you want. There are more jobs than just directing traffinc and people.

    If you have questions please post them here or e-mail them to me. If you are interested please send me an e-mail.


    Keith Moorman

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    Hi Keith,

    What type of help do you seek? I'll spread the word around my neck of the woods as well.

    Christopher Owens (EAA #808438, VAA #723276)
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    We are looking for anyone that has a good logical head on there sholders. I know that sounds tough to find where aviation people hang out but one can only hope! But seriously, we are looking for anyone that is willing to give us help that has the ability to work well with others, make a few decisions from time to time, and have a good time.

    Our traditional role is changing a bit in the campgrounds. Where before there were several groups working there respective jobs around Camp Scholler, the new direction is that we will all be shareing tasks. My area is or has been the ladies and gentlmen that assist everyone with parking AT the registration buildings. We also try to help with the refund lanes. We have noticed that in the last several years there are more campers coming in later in the week. By then our long standing people have worked many hours and we need additional help through out the week. We especially need help Tuesday through Saturday AM but will take help whenever we can get it! We start working on Thursday or Friday before the show starts and continue through the show.

    As of today the task that we perform involves greeting people as they enter Camp Scholler from there long drive in. We than direct them to a parking spot and ask them to go over to the registration building where after registering for camping we help them to saftly leave the parking area and go into the campgrounds. On a workload permitted basis we may assist campers locating a camp spot, take "walk in" campers to a campspot or provide other assistance that may be needed in the campgrounds. The drawbacks are that we are away from the airshow and don't see much in the way of airplanes but we get to meet a lot of great people. It can be very hot and busy, especially on Sunday afternoon. We are not looking for any minimum time committment. We have anywhere from 2 hour volunteers to a few that put in over 80 hours. We do require a short safety brief.

    There is a lot of other tasks that we perform, I don't want to call them minor because they are all important, but they would be impossible to list here. If someone can't be on the pavement or walk for long periods we have them help direct lines or greet people. If someone is to young to be directing traffic we find other jobs for them. Essentially we have a job or can find a job for almost everyone's personality or abilities. Knowledge of the campgrounds is NOT a requirement.

    I hope this answers some of the questions, but I am afraid that it may have raised many more. I will continue to answer any questions if someone has them.

    Thanks for the interest.

    Keith Moorman
    Camp Scholler Registration Ramp
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    Still looking for volunteers. If you are interested please contact me at

    Thanks again

    Keith Moorman

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